About Us

About Our Project

Nashville Strong Babies is a team of professional mom, dad, and family care experts supported by the Metro Public Health Department. Our partners include doctors, nurses, care managers, and local organizations throughout the county. But more than a collection of professional healthcare workers, we see ourselves as a family behind the families we support. We are here for our families in moments of frustration, sadness, joy, and happiness. Just like a good family would be.

Primary Areas of Focus

Our efforts are focused on the seven primary zip codes within Metro Nashville who have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the county. Through health coaching, group prenatal and pediatric care, we’re out to transform sad statistics into happy stories of strong babies.

Even if you don’t live in one of these zip codes, there is still a service for you. We are able to match you to a program.

About the Metro Public Health Department

Metro Public Health Department

The mission of the Metro Public Health Department is to protect, improve, and sustain the health and well‐being of all people in Metropolitan Nashville.

Background and funding

Started in 2019, Nashville Strong Babies exists to ensure that every new family in Davidson county feels supported, encouraged, and cared for. Funded by a grant from the United States Health and Human Services, our program has been designed with the best in pre-and-post natal thinking.

Customer Service Call Center


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