Healthcare Providers

Our job is to work alongside providers and families to ensure that women and babies have the best chance at leading happy, healthy, strong lives, surrounded by a community of caregivers focused on them. As you’ll see, we’re able to achieve this in many ways, but our partner relationships are fundamental to making the whole service a success.


From home visits to anticipatory guidance education and assistance with housing, our services are designed to work around each given patient’s specific needs and family situation, to compliment your role as a primary medical caregiver.

We’ve found through research, conversation, and real-world experience, that these specific services deliver the care women and babies need in order to thrive not just during pregnancy but years down the road. Visit the full list of Nashville Strong Babies Services.


When you become a referring Nashville Strong Babies partner, you’ll be provided with a starter kit that helps initiate important conversations with your patients, care team, and other OB/GYNs and pediatricians about Nashville Strong Babies and our role in our community. In addition to the kit, the Nashville Strong Babies team is always on-call, and ready to answer any questions you have about getting a patient enrolled, our services, or even suggestions you have about improving the program.


To refer a current patient, please download our one-page form, the Metro Health Department Central Referral Intake Form, which you may already be familiar with. Forms can be filled out by hand but are also editable with a PDF reader.

Please submit completed forms to us at, or via fax at:615-880-2190.

Please note that we’re currently only able to offer pregnancy concierge services to women and babies in the following Davidson County zip codes: 37221, 37218, 37208, 37207, 37216, 37115, 37210..

If your patient does not currently live in one of these zip codes, you can still fill out a referral form, and someone from our team will be able to introduce you to another one of Nashville’s other exceptional programs for new and expectant moms and their little ones.

Thanks for coming on board—we look forward to partnering with you!

You can also submit a completed form via fax: 615-880-2190.